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User Exits PP-MRP Materials Planning
In the stock/requirements list (MD04) and the MRP list (MD05), you can use this enhancement to display additional information in separate columns. You can display up to three extra columns with additional data in the individual line display and in the totals display. You can call up the additional data by selecting pushbuttons.

Function procedure: For technical reasons (user exists can only refer to one individual outline program), the user exit consists of two function modules:

  • EXIT_SAPLM61R_001
  • EXIT_SAPMM61R_001

These modules must both always be filled.

  • -EXIT_SAPMM61R_001- is used to determine the description of the additional columns which are to be filled individually by the customer. If a column is to be filled, pushbuttons are shown with the same description.
  • -EXIT_SAPLM61R_001- is called up for every row of the stock/requirements list or the MRP list. Here, depending on which pushbutton was selected, additional information can displayed in the user exit column.

Repetitive manufacturing planning table (MF50):

The information in the user exit columns 1 and 2 of the period totals display can also be displayed in rows in the REM planning table. The columns (after they have been filled and activated in the function modules) can be shown in the table by selecting View - Settings - Change/Save. The texts of the columns appear as an additionalrow type in the screen "Show/Hide Rows".

Please refer to the documentation for the function modules;
'EXIT_SAPLM61R_001' and 'EXIT_SAPMM61R_001'

For the function modules, example coding is delivered in the following inculudes:

  • In 'LXM61F04' you can find example coding for the module 'EXIT_SAPMM61R_001'.
  • In 'LXM61F03', you can find example coding for the module 'EXIT_SAPLM61R_001'.

  • Function/Program:
    • EXIT_SAPLM61R_001: User Exit for Evaluation PP-MRP Material Requirements Planning
    • EXIT_SAPMM61R_001: User Exit for Evaluation PP-MRP MRP / Text for Buttons