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Customer Functions: Inventory Management
Using the enhancement MBCF0005, you can provide data for printing goods receipt/issue slips for each material document item.

The enhancement consists of two components:

  • EXIT_SAPM07DR_001 for single account assignment
  • EXIT_SAPM07DR_002 for multiple account assignment.

This enhancement can be used for output types that have been assigned to the following processing routines of the program SAPM07DR:

  • ENTRY_WE01 (output type WE01)
  • ENTRY_WE02 (output type WE02)
  • ENTRY_WE03 (output type WE03)
  • ENTRY_WA01 (output type WA01)
  • ENTRY_WA02 (output type WA02)
  • ENTRY_WA03 (output type WA03)

It is called up immediately before the processing of the text elements for printing the item data on the form and can change the data for the following text elements:

  • Form WESCHEINVERS1 (output type WE01):
    • Text element W1LGMAT
    • Text element W1LVSMAT
    • Text element W1VERBRMAT
  • Form WESCHEINVERS2 (output type WE02):
    • Text element WE2LGMAT
    • Text element W1LVSMAT
    • Text element WE2VERBRMAT
  • Form WESCHEINVERS3 (output type WE03):
    • Text element WE3LGMAT
    • Text element WE3LVSMAT
    • Text element WE3VERBRMAT
  • Form WA_SCHEINVERS1 (output type WA01): Element POS_ZEILE
  • Form WA_SCHEINVERS2 (output type WA02): Element POS_ZEILE
  • Form WASCHEIN (output type WA03): Element POS_ZEILE

The item data provided by the enhancement can be transferred using Structure AM07M. In this structure, the following fields are suitable:

  • AM07M-KONTIERUNG (account assignment, length 20)
  • AM07M-KOTXT (account assignment text, length 20)
  • AM07M-TEXT (text, length 40)

You can also include new fields in the table AM07M via the include table CI_AM07M.

Before you change field contents of the structure AM07M, check that the field is not already being used for other purposes in the form. When you fill a field (for example, AM07M-TEXT), you must include the field in the form's text element, so that the content can be printed.

Examples of how the enhancement is used:

  • For a goods receipt for purchase order with acount assignment category X you can decide for yourself which data you want to use to print the account assignment data. Example: For account assignment category X, you enter a cost center and an order in the purchase order. Using the enhancement, you can decide which data (order/cost center) is printed as account assignment.
  • If you use goods issue slips for transfer postings material to material or batch to batch
    • EXIT_SAPM07DR_001: Customer Function Exit: Material Document Item for GR/GI Document
    • EXIT_SAPM07DR_002: Customer Function Exit: Acct Assgmt for Multiple Acct Assgmt Sheet