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Customer Functions: Inventory Management
You can use enhancement MBCF0006 to change the number of a WBS element in a project so that you can assign the WBS element with the number of a WBS element from a different project.

The enhancement is called up in the include MM07MFL0, while the system determines the components that are to be issued for the subcontractor when goods are received for a subcontract order.

The structure XMDVW is transferred in the enhancement. In this structure, the field MSEG-MAT_PSPNR, i.e. the number of the WBS element, can be filled according to the user's requirements and returned as I_MAT_PSPNR to the program.


Manufacturing an automobile in subcontracting:

In the first project, the wheels are manufactured from various components. At goods receipt, the components, (e.g. rims and tires) are posted as a goods issue, while the wheels are posted into stock as a goods receipt.

In the second project, the bodywork of the automobile is assembled. At goods receipt, a goods issue is posted for the components (e.g. chassis, axle and wheels) and a goods receipt is posted for the body. The WBS number must not be changed, otherwise you will not be able to trace the WBS elements (in this case the wheels) through the production process.

This enhancement ensures that the WBS element numbers are consistent for all the steps and in all the projects.

  • EXIT_SAPLMIGO_001: Customer Function Call: WBS element for offsetting entry (MIGO)
  • EXIT_SAPMM07M_005: Customer Function Call: WBS Element for Offsetting Entry