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User Exit for Inventory Controlling
Normally, only data from material and accounting documents are used
for updating in Inventory Controlling. If you want to use
additional data for the statistics updating that is not contained
in the documents, you can determine this data using the function exit
EXIT_SAPLMCB1_001 (material document).


  1. Defining new data as fields in the ABAP Dictionary via
    append structures.
    The fields have to be included in the user structures MCBESTUSR
    (stock) and MCMSEGUSR (document information).
  2. The data from the material and accounting document are made available
    for determining the new fields
  • XMCMSEG: structure MCMSEGB (material document segment)
  • XMCBEST: structure MCBESTB (stock and material master information)
    In addition, the event (IM = Inventory Management, R = Revaluation)
    is transferred that is used to call up Inventory Controlling
    • EXIT_SAPLMCB1_001: User Exit for Inventory Controlling