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General Matrix Dialog
Use this enhancement to define your own function codes in flexible planning. For this purpose, you must change status CHAK0500 for module SAPLMCPA. You must also change the texts in Extras -> Customer functions -> Customer function x of the menu so that they refer to your new function codes.

Confirm the warning that these menu entries are also used in other statuses and that the changes will also be made here.

You can then call these self-defined function codes in your own program 'ZXSOPU03'. If you want to use this enhancement, you must create this program yourself.

  • SAPLMCPA+CU1: Customer function 1
  • SAPLMCPA+CU2: Customer function 2
  • SAPLMCPA+CU3: Customer function 3
  • SAPLMCPA+CU4: Customer function 4
  • SAPLMCPA+CU5: Customer function 5
  • SAPLMCPA+CU6: Customer function 6
  • SAPLMCPA+CU7: Customer function 7
  • SAPLMCPA+CU8: Customer function 8
  • SAPLMCPA+CU9: Customer function 9
  • EXIT_SAPMMCP6_003: User Exit for Processing Your Own or Standard Function Codes