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Planning: User Exits
This user exit enables you to define the texts for all rows.

Example: In cases where a key figure is described differently for

different materials.

Interface: (See SE37 for references) Meaning:


I_T445P - Planning type information

I_AKT_PLOBJ - Current planning object

I_FLG_KEYFIGURE_VIEW - Flag: Key figure view( 'X' / ' ' )

I_PARAM_ID - ParameterID (see example exit *11)

I_FLG_DESCRIPTION_ACTIVE - 'X' = Texts instead of numbers


E_FLG_TEXTS_GOT_CHANGED - 'X' = the exit changed texts


T_LINES - Rows with their texts

T_AKT_CHARACTERISTIC_VALUES - Current characteristic values

Explanation of the most important T_LINES fields:

LINETYPE =>'P'lan row / 'D'isplay - row / 'T'ext row / 'H'elp row

KRIT1 = Planning object number / 'totals'

FELDH = Field name of ke figure

FLGIS = Flag: <> space => ACTUAL data row

FLGEV = Flag: <> space => Event row

DDICT = Standard text of key figure

FREET = Free text defined in planning type

PLOBT = Planning object text (based on characteristic combination)

=> Numbers or short texts (=>I_FLG_DESCRIPTION_ACTIVE )

LTEXT = Flag: welcher Text wird eingeblendet

'T' => Free text from 'FREET' is shown

'P' => Planning object text from 'PLOBT' is shown

'M' => Standard text from 'DDICT' is shown

  • EXIT_SAPMMCP6_014: User Exit for Changing Line Text