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Customer Exits for Standard Reporting
Function exit for the authorization check in the LIS standard analyses Description

Before the standard analysis is carried out, an authorization check is made on certain characteristics of an information structure. This check ia based on the authorization objects in the standard R/3 system.
In addition, you can use the enhancement MCR00001 to perform a user-defined authorization check.


The function exit has the following parameters:

  1. Import parameters
    1. I_MCINF: Info structure designed to identify the respective analysis
    2. I_DOMNAME: Domain for the corresponding selection criterion
    3. I_ROLLNAME: Data element for the corresponding selection criterion
  2. Changing parameter
    1. C_END_CHECK: Flag which helps you to control whether the standard authorization check should be carried out via the SAP authorization objects in addition to the authorization check using the enhancement MCR00001. This parameter is only relevant in those cases where the characteristics have a standard authorization object.
      The parameter has the value ' ' when called up. If you set the parameter to 'X' in the enhancement, there will be no further authorization check in the standard analysis for the current characteristic.
  3. Table parameters
    1. T_SEL_OPTION: Table with the restrictions for a characteristic.
      When you call up the enhancement, the table will contain the restrictions that the user specified in the selection screen in the selection criterion for the corresponding characteristic.

      Example: Selection criterion for plant (name 'SL_0001'). The user wants to select the plants '0001' to '0003' and also plant '0005'.
      In this case, the table contains the following entries:
      SL_0001 S I BT 0001 0003
      SL_0001 S I EQ 0005

      These entries in the table allow the authorization check to take place in the enhancement MCR00001. This means that the characteristic values for which the user has no authorization must be attached to the table by filling the field SIGN with the value 'E' (for Exclude).

      Example: The user does not have any authorization for the plant '0002'. When leaving the enhancement, the table must contain the following:
      SL_0001 S I BT 0001 0003
      SL_0001 S I EQ 0005
      SL_0001 S E EQ 0002 new line
      The program will comsequently issue the message: "Authorization check: Selection '&3' was restricted".
  4. Exceptions


Changes in the procedure

The system will no longer automatically perform those authorization

  • EXIT_RMCREPAU_001: LIS: Authorization Check for Characteristics (Standard Analyses)