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User Exits from SIS
Normally, only data from the documents is used for statistical updates from the sales activities. If you wish to use additional data that is not contained in the documents for the statistic update, this data can be specified using user exits.

User Exit '001' - Data enhancement on sales activities level


  1. Define the new data as fields in the ABAP/4 Data Dictionary.

The fields must be included in the user structure MCVBKAUSR (sales activities).

  1. New fields are to be specified using user exits.

To determine the field content, data is provided from the documents.

User exit '001'

  • FI_XMCVBAK (fields from sales activity header - Structure MCVBKAB)
  • FI_XMCVBUK (all fields from document status - Structure MCVBUKB)
  • FI_CONTROL (general update control LIS)
  • FE_MCVBKAUSR (new field contents - Structure MCVBKAUSR)
  1. Field catalogs

The new fields are to be included in field catalogs so that they can be used in the definition of info structures.

You should be aware of the following problems when using user exits:

1. Update when documents are changed

When a document changes, it is possible to use either of two types of data: the document data that corresponds to the document status prior to the change(s) and document data after the change(s).
Using the data prior to the change, the statistical update reassumes the original updated statistics (negative booking). Using the new data, a statistical update will follow as normal.
If additional data is provided via user exits, you must ensure that the data has not changed again since the last change, nor should it be possible to determine the old status of the data. You can recognise the processing of the previous status in the structures in the field SUPKZ. In this case, SUPKZ = '1' means that the old document data is in use, and SUPKZ = '2' means that the new document status is offered.

2. Repeated data reading

If additional data is derived from the customer master record, you should check whether it is also possible to enhance the document data. Master data is already read during document editing. If the document data is extended for required additional fields, these can already be provided in the editing of the document when the master data is read. The user exits are also available at this point for editing documents. A second determination in the statistical update is then no longer necessary. The problem of determining 'old' data statuses is then no

  • EXIT_SAPLMCV2_001: SIS: User Exit Contacts/Sales Activities