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User Exits: Materials Mgmt. (Purchasing)
The enhancement MEVME001 comprises the user exit EXIT_SAPLEINR_001, which is invoked to calculate the default quantity in the case of a goods receipt against a scheduling agreement.

If your vendors frequently deliver early, you can use this user exit to specify that instead of the quantity open to date, the quantity open up to the day after tomorrow is taken as the default quantity for a goods receipt.
You can also specify that the tolerance check is to relate not to the default quantity but to the total scheduled quantity.

This enhancement can be used to define the following data differently to that in the standard system:

  • Default quantity for goods receipt
    In the standard system, the quantity open to date from the last- transmitted SA release is used in the case of scheduling agreements with release documentation (document type LPA). In the case of scheduling agreements without release documentation (document type LP), the open quantity to date is used.

If you use vendor confirmations with GR assignment, the quantity from the confirmation is suggested (i.e. in this case, the default quantity cannot be influenced via the user exit.

  • The quantity to which the tolerance calculation is to relate
    (In the standard system, the tolerance check relates to the default quantity - i.e. the quantity open to date). At the time of the tolerance check, the tolerance limits for under- and overdeliveries entered in the scheduling agreement item are taken into account.

The parameters F1 and F2 are passed on in the interface to the user exit. These parameters must contain the following data:

Parameter F1
= Default quantity + total of all already delivered quantities (posted GR quantity)
(The already delivered quantity is deducted again prior to the output of the default quantity on the screen.)

Parameter F2
= Quantity to which the tolerance calculation relates

All schedule lines for the relevant item are passed on in the internal table "CETT" as the basis for determining the default quantity and the tolerance.

Please note that the user exit applies to both document types.

  • EXIT_SAPLEINR_001: Calculation of Default GR Quantity and Over-/Underdelivery Tolerance
  • EXIT_SAPLEINR_003: Adjustm. of Qty. and Date for Price Determination, GR Against Sched. Agmt.