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User Exits - Vendor Evaluation
Enhancement MM06L001 comprises four function exits, which are invoked during the calculation of the scores for the subcriteria. The enhancement makes it possible to replace the standard scoring method by customers' own methods.

Implementation Guide (IMG)

To allow a customer's own scoring methods to be used, an indicator must be set for the relevant subcriteria in the IMG in the step Define criteria.

Function modules

The function modules for enhancement MM06L001 are as follows:


for the general criteria

  • EXIT_RM06LBAT_001

for the quality criteria if the vendor evaluation is carried out in the background

  • EXIT_SAPMM06L_001

for the quality criteria if the vendor evaluation is carried out online

  • EXIT_RM06LBEW_001

for the quality criteria when the scores for the semi-automatic and automatic subcriteria are determined

The following data is passed on to the function modules:

  • XLIFNR (Vendor number)
  • XEKORG (Purchasing organization)
  • XHKRIT (Main criterion)
  • XTKRIT (Subcriterion)
  • XKRTYP (Scoring method)

The function modules then supply the scores in the parameter XBEURT.

Coding example

The following example shows how a customer's own scoring method can be stored for the subcriterion "On-time delivery performance". The following coding can be added to program ZXM6LU01 for this purpose:

WHEN '3'. "Ermittlungsmethode f・ die Termintreue"
(Scoring method for on-time delivery performance)
XBEURT = 50. "kundeneigene Logik"
(Customer's own logic)

In this case, 50 points are always awarded for a vendor's on-time delivery performance.

  • EXIT_RM06LBAT_001: User Exits for Vendor Evaluation
  • EXIT_RM06LBEW_001: User Exits for Vendor Evaluation
  • EXIT_SAPLMEL0_001: User Exits for Vendor Evaluation
  • EXIT_SAPMM06L_001: User Exits for Vendor Evaluation