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User Exit Kanban
Using this enhancement, you can define your own data fields for the kanban control cycle, maintain these fields in the control cycle maintenance and save them on the database.

This data is available when printing a kanban card and in the user exits for the kanban status change and in the kanban calculation (see enhancements MPKB0001 and MPKC0001).

To use these enhancements, you must carry out the following steps (amongst others):

  • Define the structure CI_PKHD. Include the fields in this structure that you want to appear in the control cycle.
  • Define the general data for the control cycle maintenance in the Include ZXMPKTOP.
    • In the simplest case, it is sufficient if the Include ZXMPKTOP contains general data definitions for structure PKHD and field MODE.
  • Define screen 1000 as a subscreen in module pool SAPLXMPK.
    • In the simplest case, you can create a PBO module where you set the fields of the screen to SCREEN-INPUT = 0 if the field MODE contains the value '03'. You can create a PAI module for copying data and for checking.
  • Code function modules EXIT_SAPMMPKR_001 and EXIT_SAPMMPKR_002 for the data transport from the control cycle maintenance to your subscreen and back.

  • Function/Program:
    • EXIT_SAPMMPKR_001: Control Cycle Maintenance: Control Cycle Data to Customer Program
    • EXIT_SAPMMPKR_002: Control Cycle Maintenance: Customer Fields to SAP Program
    • SAPMMPKR0110_CUSTSCR1_SAPLXMPK1000: Data for Control Cycle