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User Exits for Two-Level Picking in WM
Using this user exit, you can influence the 2-step picking process for a reference number on a customer-specific basis.

General Information on 2-Step Picking

2-step picking is activated within a warehouse number separately for processing deliveries and transfer requirements. The activated 2-step picking procedure for deliveries applies to all delivery documents of a warehouse number. In the case of transfer requirements, on the other hand, the activation must take place for each transfer type since 2-step picking is not appropriate for all transfer types. 2-step picking can be defined on a material-specific basis. Within a reference document (delivery / transfer requirement), certain items can be picked using the 2-step picking procedure and certain items without it, that is, directly from the warehouse.

The relevance for 2-step picking is already checked when the reference documents are created. All items that are picked using the 2-step picking procedure are marked accordingly.

The 2-step picking process uses the reference number for creating the picking units as a pool of reference documents that can be processed in a picking run. The reference number is the basis for 2-step picking. As long as it has not been created, all the items in the reference documents are picked directly without 2-step picking.

Use of the User Exit

The standard system offers material-related control in 2-step picking. If this is not sufficient, you can use the user exit to implement customer-individual control. In the standard system, the relevance of 2-step picking is already checked during creation of the reference documents. At this point, only certain parameters, such as the material reference, are considered. If parameters are to be taken into consideration also during the decision for 2-step picking, that is, parameters that have to do with the entire picking process, the relevance of 2-step picking can only be determined after the reference number has been created.

For this reason, this user exit has been implemented in the function for determining 2-step picking, which takes place for each reference number and takes into consideration the entire picking process for a reference number. If you use this user exit, you must determine the relevance of 2-step picking explicitly. The 2-step picking can be called up directly during reference number creation or as a separate transaction. The determination of the 2-step picking procedure can take place in background or in foreground processing. In foreground processing, 2-step picking can be influenced manually. In Customizing, you can define the type of control for this function for each warehouse number and reference document category (delivery / transfer requirement).

Call-up Position and Important Requirements

The user exit takes place in the function module L_2_STEP_PICKING_CHECK in the program SAPLL2PIK. This executes the determination of 2-step picking for a reference number. The function module runs in online mode.

Parameters and Options

The user exit in the program is in the function module EXIT_SAPLL2PIK_001. To fill this with data, the Include ZXL2PIKU01 must be created. The extension is activated using Transacton CMOD. As a parameter, it is possible to access the following data:

  • Reference number definition (import parameter I_T311)
  • Table of transfer requirement items (import parameter T_TRITEM)
  • Table of delivery items (import parameter T_DELITEM)

Depending on whether the reference number groups deliveries or transfer requirements, either the T_TRITEM or T_DELITEM is transmitted. If the field RBTYP in the parameter I_T311 is set to L, the table of the delivery items T_DELITEM is transmitted. If the field RBTYP in the parameter I_T311 is set to B, the table of the transfer requirement items T_TRITEM is transmitted.

Items of all reference documents in a reference number are transmitted. In the field L2SKR, you have the relevance for 2-step picking determined using the standard field. If the field is set to ' ', this means that this item is not relevant for 2-step picking. If the field is set to 2, the relevant items are selected accordingly.

You can modify the contents of this field using your own evaluation. After the user exit has executed the modification of this field in the individual items, the changed items are modifed in the standard system. If the 2-step-picking relevance is determined in foreground processing, the results are displayed before the database is updated.

  • EXIT_SAPLL2PIK_001: Exit to Determine 2-Step Picking Characteristic