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BAPI BO 3016 (WarehouseStock) User Exits
Through this user exit, you can create additional data for the data read in the function module BAPI_WHSE_TO_GET_DETAIL.

Calling Point and Important Requirements

The user exit is created in the function module that is the basis for the BAPI WarehouseTransOrder.GetDetail.

All error messages must be returned in the parameter 'Return'. A rollback is executed only for A messages.

Furthermore, no language elements such as COMMIT WORK, ROLLBACK WORK, LEAVE etc. may be used.

Parameters and Options AS

The user exit in the program is the function module EXIT_SAPLL2018_001. To fill this module with data, you must create the include ZXL2018U01 and activate the enhancement using Transaction CMOD. You can access the TO data and the enhancement structure as parameters.

The imported data is in the following parameters:

  • Quant (table parameter CT_STOCK_DATA)
  • Enhancement (table parameter EXTENSIONOUT)

The user exit passes the results as additional data to the caller via the following parameter:

  • Enhancement (table parameter EXTENSIONOUT)

To return data, you must first anhance the structure BAPI_TE_QUANT using APPEND. Make sure that the parameter does not exceed the length of 960 characters. For an exact description of the user exit concept of

  • EXIT_SAPLL3016_001: User Exit BAPI for BO 3016 (WarehouseStock)