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User Exit: Warehouse Mngmnt LENUM
User Exit for the Conversion of the Storage Unit Number

In the SAP standard, the conversion of the storage unit number is carried out in four function modules according to the editing selected in Customizing.

In Customizing, in addition to setting a length for the storage unit number, you can choose from the following settings for the type of conversion:

(1) only a length conversion

(2) length conversion with check digit according to EAN

(3) customer specific user exits

Depending on the setting, different processing is started in the listed function modules. For settings (1) or (2), the necessary conversion has already been programmed. In the case of a customer-specific conversion a customer function module (customer-function) is called in each case, which you must supply with corresponding program logic.

The four standard function modules are roughly described in the following. Please refer to the documentation on the respective function module for more details.

    Converts an entered storage unit number into the working storage format.
    Formats the working storage format for output.
    Assigns the next storage unit number for the number range.
    Checks the admissibility of external storage unit numbers with regard to possible conflicts with internal number ranges.

NOTE: If you program the customer-specific exit, it is absolutely necessary that you supply the necessary program logic for this user exit. Since data inconsistencies result during incorrect programming, it is absolutely necessary that the above-mentioned function modules are understood fully.

The already mentioned customer function module, which contains exactly one include, is in each of the function modules already listed above. You have to supply this include with the program runs, which are required for your individual conversion. You only have all the data transferred to the customer function module available if you use the named names.

You must create the following includes in detail:


This include is integrated in the customer function module EXIT_SAPLLVSK_001, which is called from the function module CONVERSION_EXIT_LENUM_INPUT. The interface is:

call customer-function '001'
importing CF_INPUT = INPUT "entered LE number
LNGTH = IT344-LNGTH "Length of LE number according to tax table
exporting CF_OUTPUT = OUTPUT "internal data format
exceptions CHECK_FAILED = 1 "not accepted
NOT_NUMERIC = 2 "is not numeric
WRONG_LENGTH = 3. "wrong length

The include takes on the task to convert an entered storage unit number into the required internal data format or to reject incorrect entries.

The named exceptions generate corresponding error messages and are also used in standard processing. In this case, the field is ready for input again and the user is requested to enter a permitted storage unit number.

CAUTION: Other error messages than those defined in the interface must be processed directly in the include and cannot (without modification) be transferred to the calling program.


Corresponding include for EXIT_SAPLLVSK_002. It is called from the function module CONVERSION_EXIT_LENUM_OUTPUT as follows:

call customer-function '002'
importing CF_INPUT = INPUT "Internal data format
of the LE number
LNGTH = IT344-LNGTH "Length according to control table
exporting CF_OUTPUT = OUTPUT. "Output format of the
LE number

The internal display of the storage unit number (data format) is formatted for output in this include.



call customer-function '003'
importing CF_INPUT = LENUM "Assigned number from
the number range
LNGTH = IT344-LNGTH "Length according to control table
exporting CF_OUTPUT = LENUM "Internal data format
of the LE number
exceptions LENUM_TOO_LONG = 1.

This include edits the number received via internal number assignment to the storage format you require.

If a too long storage unit number results from incorrect settings (number range maintenance, customizing of the conversion exit of the storage unit number), you can return this error to the calling program.



call customer-function '004'
importing CF_INPUT = EXTERNAL_NUMBER "Internal storage format
of the LE number
LNGTH = IT344-LNGTH "Length according to control table
exporting CF_OUTPUT = EXTERNAL_NUMBER. "Display according to
number range LE number

The internal storage format is transferred to the display of the set up number ranges according to the required conversion. It can be found out this way how this external number lies in an internal number range and this information is returned to the calling program. For example, it is possible to reject an external number which lies in the future number range of the LE number.

Be careful if you want to use non-numeric numbers. In this case you have to set the exporting variable EXTERNAL_NUMBER to a numeric dummy value. Otherwise the system will try to interpret the value as a numeric value within the program coding and will terminate.

  1. Activate the user exits using the customizing function. (Create a
    • EXIT_SAPLLVSK_001: Customer Conversion Storage Unit Number in CONVERSION_EXIT_LENUM_INPUT
    • EXIT_SAPLLVSK_002: Customer Conversion Storage Unit Number in CONVERSION_EXIT_LENUM_OUTP
    • EXIT_SAPLLVSK_003: Customer Conversion Storage Unit Number in L_LENUM_INTERNAL_NUMBER_ASSIGN
    • EXIT_SAPLLVSK_004: Customer Conversion Storage Unit Number in L_LENUM_EXTERNAL_NUMBER_CHECK