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Using this customer exit, you can change the internal table with the quantity data calculated by the system for the transfer requirements of the report Replenishment planning for fixed bins (RLLNACH2).

This report creates in advance transfer requirements for replenishment to fixed bins, where stock removals based on relevant deliveries for a forecast period are also taken into consideration.

The report also considers planned stock removals through fixed bin picking for the stock situation. You can limit the viewed deliveries that initiate these stock removals by the forecast period and further selection criteria. Replenishment transfer requirements that are already created are considered as future stock.

You can use this report to create, at the end of the day, all the replenishment transfer requirements for supplying the fixed bins for the following day. In this way, you get an overview of the planned replenishments. The report does not perform any exact planning or controlling of replenishments. The initiation and execution of the physical replenishment transports must be organized. The replenishment postings in the system take place when a transfer order is created for the transfer requirement and is confirmed after execution.

Not all items of the selected deliveries are relevant for fixed bin replenishment since not all stock removals are taken from fixed bins. Therefore, there is a selection performed in the system of the delivery items relevant for the fixed bin. This selection is based on the parameters set for the material and the fixed bin storage type.

EXIT_RLLNACH2_002: Changing the table of quantity data of the transfer requirements

Using the customer exit EXIT_RLLNACH2_002, you can change the quantity data of the transfer requirements per material. This data was defined previously by the system as follows: the replenishment quantity of table MLGT (material data per storage type) is adopted as the quantity of a transfer requirement item; the number of transfer requirement items of the material is calculated as the total requirement of the material, divided by the replenishment quantity of the material, with rounding of the result.

Import parameters: I_LGNUM: Warehouse number
I_WERKS: Plant

Export parameters: none

Table parameters: T_MAT
Table T_MAT contains the quantity data for the transfer requirements as calculated by the system. One record exists for each material. The table has the following structure:
MATNR: Material number
LGPLA: Storage bin number of the fixed bin of the delivery item
NSMNG: Replenishment quantity of the table MLGT (material data per storage type)
MAT_MENGE: Total requirement of the materials; total of requirement quantities of the delivery items for a material
ANZ_TBS: Number of transfer requirement items of the material
TB_MENGE: Quantity of a transfer requirement item of the material

Table MATNR is sorted in ascending order. In the customer exit, you can page through the entire table, record by record, and you can change the

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