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User Exits for Automatic TO Creation
With this user exit, you can select transfer requirements for the automatic TO creation according to your own criteria by means of report RLAUTA10.

General information on the automatic TO creation

Using the WM movement type, you can determine whether the TO creation for a transfer requirement is to be performed automatically in the background. These transfer requirements are marked correspondingly during the creation (field AUTTA in the transfer order header). By means of the indicator, the relevant transfer requirements are selected with report RLAUTA10 which has to be planned as JOB. In this case, you can determine by means of the relevant indicator for the background processing that an additional selection of the transfer requirements is to be made according to your own criteria.

Call transaction and other important requirements

The user exit is performed from report RLAUTA10 if the indicator for the automatic TO creation provides a selection according to your own criteria. In report RLAUTA10, all transfer requirements with the corresponding indicator are preselected. In this user exit the final transfer requirement selection is performed. The transfer orders for the selected transfer requirements are created in report RLAUTA10 and a log or error log is written and sent to certain users via mail, if required.

Parameters and options

The user exit in the program is function module EXIT_RLAUTA10_001 . In order to be able to use the user exit, you must create Include ZXLATU01 and activate the enhancement with transaction CMOD. The selection criterion (import parameter I_BEAR2) and the preselected transfer requirements (table parameter T_LTBK) are transferred as parameters. The additional selection of the transfer requirements must be carried out in this table, that is, this table must contain all transfer requirements for which transfer orders are to

  • EXIT_RLAUTA10_001: Internal Selection of TRs for Automatic TO Creation With Indicator '2'