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User Exits for Automatic TO Creation
Via this user exit, you can select transfer requirements for automatic TO creation in multiple processing according to your own criteria (via reference number) using the report RLAUTA10.

General information on automatic TO creation

Via the WM movement type, you can determine whether TO creation for a transfer requirement is to take place automatically in the background. These transfer requirements are marked accordingly during creation (field AUTTA in the transfer requirement header). On the basis of this indicator, the relevant transfer requirements are selected using the report RLAUTA10, which must be planned as a batch job. Here you can determine via the respective indicator for background processing that an additional selection of transfer requirements is to take place according to your own criteria.

Call position and important requirements

The user exit is called up from the report RLAUTA10 if the indicator for automatic TO creation provides for selection according to the user's own criteria. In the report RLAUTA10, all the transfer requirements with the respective indicator are selected.

Without activation of the user exit, all the selected transfer requirements are assigned to a reference number. For this reference number, multiple processing is executed for TO creation.

However, if the user exit is active, the final selection of transfer requirements and assignment to reference numbers are executed. The system executes TO creation in multiple processing for the transfer requirements assigned to the different reference numbers. If required, you can have a log or error log created and even send it to a particular user using the mail function.

Parameters and options

The user exit in the program is the function module EXIT_RLAUTA10_002. To fill this with data, you must create the include ZXLATU02 and activate the user exit using Transaction CMOD. The selection criterion (import parameter I_BEAR2), the preselected transfer requirements (table parameter T_LTBK) and the prepared assignment of transfer requirements to the reference number (table parameter T_LAUTRF) are passed on as parameters. Within table T_LAUTRF, the additional selection of transfer requirements takes place, that is, this table must contain all the transfer requirements for which transfer orders were created in Report RLAUTA10. Transfer requriements that are not relevant must therefore be deleted from this table. In addition, you

  • EXIT_RLAUTA10_002: Internal Selection of TRs for Automatic TO Creation With Reference Numbers