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User Exits for TR Generation
Using this SAP user exit you can initiate follow-up actions after transfer requirement creation. This refers only to transfer requirements that are created by the system through an inventory management posting or material staging for productions orders. Manually created TRs are not considered.


The user exit is located in the update task in the database after the inserts. After processing in the WM system, further postings such as postings relevant for inventory management are executed. For this reason you must by all means avoid using a COMMIT WORK in the user exit since otherwise the follow-up actions can no longer be executed if the user exit is terminated, and this in turn could cause data inconsistencies in the database.


The user exit in the program is the function module EXIT_SAPLL03T_003. To fill it with data, you must create the include ZXLTRU01 and activate the extension using Transaction CMOD.

A coding example is contained in the include LXLTRF01. Use this example if you want to send the transfer requirements to an external system via ALE and transactional remote function call.

Four tables are passed on to the function module: TR headers and items for transfer requirements that were created in the transaction as well as headers and items for existing transfer requirements that were only changed. For example, it can happen during material staging for a

  • EXIT_SAPLL03T_003: User Exit for TR Creation IM, PP Interface (in Update Task)