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USer Exits for Lowest Value Determinatn
You can use enhancement NIWE0002 to change the range of coverage and rate of movement procedures for lowest value determination, if the standard system does not completely map the relevant contents in the application.

The enhancement comprises four function modules, which you can use to change the following influencing factors:

  • You can change or override the devaluation percentage rates set in Customizing.
  • You can change the devaluation indicator used in the rate of movement procedure and analyze it in a different way to the standard system analysis.
  • You can alter the creation date recorded in the R/3 System for material master records while they are active.

  • Function/Program:
    • EXIT_SAPLNIW1_001: Modify Devaluation Percentages
    • EXIT_SAPLNIW1_002: Set and Interpret Devaluation Indicator
    • EXIT_SAPLNIWE_001: Modify Material Creation Date
    • EXIT_SAPLNIWE_002: Exclude Materials from Individual Lowest Value Procedures