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Enhancement to Proj.Based Incoming Ords
In the function for project-related incoming orders, two user exits have been provided to permit enhancements without the need modifications. You can use these exits to:

  • Read the costs and revenues for incoming orders and transfer them to processing as the valuation basis (EXIT_SAPLORBF_001). Use of the valuation basis can be either complementary or exclusive, using the exit.
  • Modify the incoming order values calculate and/or transfer them to an external system (EXIT_SAPLORBF_002). An update using the exit can be either as well as the standard or instead of it.

  • Function/Program:
    • EXIT_SAPLORBF_001: Enhancement: Project-Related Incoming Orders: Read CO Data
    • EXIT_SAPLORBF_002: Enhance Project-Related Incoming Orders: Results Modification