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User Exits: Handling Units
The extension PACKMODI contains user exits for automatic packing.

As of Release 4.6C, the packing instruction determination and packing according to packing instruction functions are available for automated packing. New user exits in the form of BADIs were created for automated packing to add data to the packing instruction determination function or to have the packing instruction that is to be used appear as a default. The class for automated packing is called BADI_HU_AUTOPACK.

Generally, customer functions after 4.6C only exist in order to be compatible with previous releases. If you want to implement your own automated packing logic, you should only do so by way of this new class. It is not necessary to use packing instructions in order to implement your own automated packing logic.

Therefore, the previous sample routines for filling in customer functions no longer exist.

  • EXIT_SAPLV51P_001: User Exit: Automatic Packing - Packaging Material Determination
  • EXIT_SAPLV51P_002: User Exit: Automatic Packing
  • EXIT_SAPLV51P_003: Fill Append Fields for Automatic Packing