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HR-AT: Customer Exits Master Data (A)
Customer enhancement for the function module HR_AT_GET_ORG_DATA Definition

With this customer enhancement, you can override the personnel subarea and the employer assignment unit for evaluations. They are stored in the table Grouping for Personnel Subareas Austria (T5A0P).

Note: Usually the assignment possibilities offered by the standard system are sufficient. Only make changes in special cases.


You can use the following fields to create connections between the personnel subarea and the employer assignment unit that otherwise cannot be represented in the data model:

  • PERSG Employee group
  • PERSK Employee subgroup
  • APPL Subapplication from the table Subapplication Austria (T5A09)
  • BUKRS Company code
  • GSBER Business area
  • KOSTL Cost center
  • VDSK1 Organizational key
  • ANSVH Employment contract
  • PLANS Position
  • STELL Job

You can assign different employer assignment units to a personnel subarea dependent upon:

  • Workers or salaried employees
  • The business subapplication (for example the pay slip L16 or the SI contribution statement)
Procedure Case 1

You want to use an employer assignment unit to manage only your executive employees:

  1. Create a new employer assignment unit in Customizing.
  2. Create a new personnel subarea in Customizing and assign the new personnel subarea to the new employer assignment unit.
  3. Assign the management employees to the new personnel subareas in Organizational Assignment infotype (0001). If this is not possible due to organizational reasons, you have the following option in the user exit:
  4. Record the following coding in the function module EXIT_SAPL0PAM_001:

    WHEN 'GS'. "Example of personnel subarea for manager
    LOHNB = '9999'. "New employer assignment unit for 'GS'
    when others.
Case 2

For the SI contribution statement you want to manage a certain employee subgroup with an employer assignment unit that differs from other employee subgroups:

  1. Record the following coding in the function module EXIT_SAPL0PAM_001:

    WHEN 'SVB'. "Subapplication RPCSVBA0
    WHEN 'XX'. "XX employee subgroup to be processed
    LOHNB = '8888'. "ER assignment unit for employee subgroup

Use the subapplications from the table Subapplications Austria (T5A09).

To determine the member of the function group LXPAMU01 for which you record the coding, refer to the documentation for the transaction Project Mangagement of SAP Projects (CMOD). To call up this documentation, choose Project Management of SAP Projects -> Help -> Application help from the screen.

Further Notes

If you want to make new assignments, you must ensure that entries for the new values exist in the tables Personnel Subarea Groupings Austria (T5A0P) and Employer Assignment Units for Administrations (T5A0A).

  • EXIT_SAPL0PAM_001: HR-AT: Customer Exit for HR_AT_GET_ORG_DATA