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HR-BEN: Function Exits
You can use a function exit to bypass or modify the method used in the SAP R/3 System to calculate an employee's pre-tax contribution and an employee's post-tax contribution to a savings plan, a miscellaneous plan or a stock purchase plan.

To use this function exit, proceed as follows:

  • Create an enhancement project and then assign the enhancement PBEN0028 that is described here to the project.
  • The function exit EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00GENERAL_028 is the only component of PBEN0028. Adapt this function exit to meet your requirements.
  • Activate the enhancement project. The employee's pre-tax and post-tax contributions will now be calculated in accordance with the coding you stored in the function exit.

For additional information on the individual steps, refer to the online documentation on the transaction

  • EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00GENERAL_028: Function exit within function HR_BEN_CALC_BENEFIT_EE_CONTRIB