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HR-CH: User-Exits for FAK Switzerland
The enhancement of PC020001 provides the possibility to define your own reduction rules and FAK contribution calculation variants.

To this end, SAP provides two customer function modules.

You can transfer the SAP sample coding to your function modules, and subsequently change the coding.

If you want to work with USER exits, the following procedure is required:

  • Maintain the FAK settings with the transaction PCC0 (total maintenance function)
    • New reduction rules: Using the navigation screen, select the view reduction rules and define your own reduction rules. Here, you must set the indicator for User Exit. Enter the new reduction rules in the cantonal and the company calculation rules.
    • FAK contribution calculation: In the view 'family equalization fund', select the relevant cantonal regulations and company rules and go to the view FAK contribution. Set the indicator for User Exit.
  • Create a new project to enhance PC020001 using the transaction CMOD.
  • Using "Change enhancement components", you can display and transfer the SAP sample coding (Menu "Edit").
  • If necessary, change the transferred sample coding.
  • Activate the created project.

Note, your user exits will only run, if you have activated the enhancement project and set the indicator for user exit in the views "reduction rules" and "FAK contribution".

You can find more information regarding reduction of bonus wage types under customer enhancement for the reduction of bonus wage types and under reduce wage type.

You can find information regarding the calculation of FAK contributions under customer enhancement for FAK contributions and under calculate FAK proportion.

  • EXIT_SAPLRPC0_001: HR-CH: User Exit for Reduction of Bonus Wage Types
  • EXIT_SAPLRPC0_002: HR-CH: User-Exit for Calculation of FAK Contribution