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Function group for Enhancement (HK)
In the standard SAP system, the form yos_output_format_01 is used to calculate EE's years of service(YOS) using output format '01'(years with decimals),'04'(Months with decimals) '07'(Anniversaruy) and '08' (Anniversary month). If this is not satisfied your specific requirement, you can use a function module exit to bypass or modify this mechanism. To use the function module exit, proceed as follows:

o Create an enhancement project and then assign the enhancement PC270001 which is described here to this project.

o The function exit EXIT_HHKCALC0_001 is the only component of PC270001. Adapt this function exit to meet your requirements.

o Activate the enhancement project. The YOS will now be calcualted and formated in accordance with the coding stored in the function exits.

  • EXIT_HHKCALC0_001: User exit to calculate EE's YOS