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Function group for Enhancement (HK)
This function module is used for customizing the HSBC MPF voluntary contribution class number.

The details for function variables are as follows:

    • P_NUM: employee's personnel number P_BEG: begin date of the period
    • P_BEG: begin date of the period
    • P_END: end date of the period
    • INCOME: MPF relevant income
    • contp: Contribution plan
    • SUBRC: A flag indicating weather there a user exit exists

0: user exit exists 1: no user exit

genenally, if you implement your user exit, SUBRC should

be set to 0.

  • RET: Return value, class number
    • SV: Table contains data of MPF/ORSO data
    • PP0000: Table contains data from infotype 0

    • Function/Program:
      • EXIT_HHKCPFC0_001: User exit to get MPF voluntary contribution class number