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EC-PCA:Selection Criteria for User Exits
With this enhancement, you can change the selection criteria for transferring data to Profit Center Accounting.

For example, you can prevent the transfer of data records, which are
normally transferred as standard.

Enhancement PCASELEK contains the folowing function modules:

  1. EXIT_SAPLPC08_001
  • Called up to transfer actual data from Controlling.
  • Transfer data:
    • CO document header
    • CO document line
    • Structure with objects and partner objects (e.g. profit center and partner profit center)
    • Indicator Elimination of internal business volume
  1. EXIT_SAPLPC08_002
  • Called up to transfer plan data from Controlling.
  • Transfer data:
    • Same as 1., but in plan version.
  • Called up to transfer actual data from Materials Management, Financial Accounting and Sales and Distribution.
  • Transfer data:
    • Data from Logistics and Financial Accounting is transferred using a single interface with header and position (FI/CO document).

This user exit must be activated for each individual activity in Customizing for Profit Center Accounting, under Maintain activities. The activities contain includes, which require application-specific maintenance.

When a function module is used, the system displays a return code, which indicates whether a relevant line is transferred to Profit Center Accounting. This return code has the standard SAP test values:

  • Return code 0 indicates that the line is not transferred.

  • Function/Program:
    • EXIT_SAPLPC08_001: Transfer of CO Actual Data
    • EXIT_SAPLPC08_002: Transfer of CO Plan Data
    • EXIT_SAPLPCRW_001: Transfer of FI/CO Document Data
    • EXIT_SAPLPCRW_003: Decision for Transfer Price-Relevant Transaction