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Compensation Administration: User Exit
In compensation administration, you can use compensation plans to control when, for example, an employee's base salary should be increased. When you define a compensation plan in Customizing, there are several ways to determine the plan's effective date. You can also use a function exit to determine this date.

To use a function exit:

  • Create an enhancement project, and assign the enhancement PCMP0003 (described here) to this project.
  • The enhancement PCMP0003 contains the function exit EXIT_SAPMHCM0_001 as one of its components. Modify this function exit so that it meets your requirements.
  • Activate the enhancement project.

Now define the compensation plan in Customizing, and specify that customer-specific criteria is to be used to determine the effective date. When the plan is used in compensation administration, the system will read your coding.

  • EXIT_SAPMHCM0_001: User Exit for Effective Date of Compensation Plan