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Compensation Administration: User Exit
In Compensation Management, you can use guidelines to determine how, for example, profits are to be shared out amongst your employees. When you define compensation guidelines in Customizing, you can use different methods to define these guidelines. If the standard methods do not meet your specific requirements, you can use a user exit to define the guidelines.

To use a function exit:

  • Create an enhancement project and assign the enhancement PCMP0004 (described here) to this project.
  • The enhancement PCMP0004 contains function exit EXIT_SAPMHCM0_002 as one of its components. Modify this function exit so that it meets your requirements.
  • Activate the enhancement project.

Now when you set up your compensation guidelines in Customizing, you can define customer-specific guidelines for a wage type, and in this case, the system reads your coding in compensation administration for the plan that uses these guidelines.

For additional information on how to carry out these activities, refer to the online documentation on the transaction Project Management of SAP Enhancements.

  • EXIT_SAPMHCM0_002: User Exit for Compensation Management Guidelines