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Compensation Administration: User Exit
In Compensation Management, you can use guidelines to determine the size of the employee's profit sharing award. The SAP R/3 System provides different methods in Customizing for defining compensation guidelines. If these methods do not meet your specific requirements, you can use a function exit to define your guidelines.

To use the function exit:

  • Create an enhancement project and then assign the enhancement PCMP0005 (described here) to this project. The function exit EXIT_SAPLCMPEXITS_003 is the only component of the enhancement PCMP0005. Adapt this function exit to meet your requirements.
  • Activate the enhancement project.

Now when you customize compensation guidelines, you can specify that a "customer-specific" guideline is used to calculate a wage type. As a result, the guideline that you defined in your coding is used to

  • EXIT_SAPLCMPEXITS_003: User Exit for Compensation Management Guidelines