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Compensation Administration: User Exit
In Compensation Management, you can use several rules to check whether an employee is eligible to participate in an adjustment type. By using a function exit in conjunction with maintaining user- specific eligibility criteria in customizing, you can check and define the eligibility of employee in accordance with your own requirements.

To use the function exit, proceed as follows:

  • Create an enhancement project and assign the enhancement PCMP0006 that is described here to this project.
  • The function exit EXIT_SAPLCMPEXITS_001 is the only component of PCMP0006. Adapt this function exit to meet your requirements.
  • Activate the enhancement project. The range that you specified in the customizing step "Define user-defined criteria" can be checked to see if it is fulfilled.

For additional information on the individual steps, refer to the online documenation on the transaction

  • EXIT_SAPLCMPEXITS_001: Compensation Management: User Exit to Determine Eligibility