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Compensation Administration: User Exit
In Compensation Management, you can use adjustment types to control when, for example, an employee's basic pay should be increased. When you define the adjustments in customizing, you can use different methods to calculate the effective date of the adjustment. You can also use a function exit to calculate the effective date.

To use the function exit, proceed as follows:

  • Create an enhancment project and assign the enhancement PCMP0007 that is described here to this project.
  • The function exit EXIT_SAPLCMPEXITS_002 is the only component of PCMP0007. Adapt this function exit to meet your requirements.
  • Activate the enhancement project.

Now when you customize your adjustment types, you can specify that the effective date is calculated according to your customer-specific methods.

For additional information on the individual steps, refer to the online documentation on the transaction

  • EXIT_SAPLCMPEXITS_002: User Exit for Effective Date of Compensation Type