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Compensation Administration: User Exit
In Compensation Management, you can specify the employee infotype to be updated when you make a relevant adjustment by using a component category for variable compensation components. In the standard system, you can enter wage types from basic pay or additional payments. If the options available in the standard system do not enable you to cover your requirements, you can specify that data should be updated by using a function exit.

If you want to use a function exit, proceed as follows:

  • Create an enhancement project and assign the enhancement described here (PCMP0010) to this project.
  • The only component in this enhancement is function exit EXIT_SAPLCMPEXITS_006. Change this function exit so that it covers your requirements.
  • Activate the enhancement project.

If you now specify a customer-specific compensation component category when customizing a variable compensation component, your coding will now be executed when a corresponding compensation adjustment is made.

For more information on each of the above steps, refer to the online manual on transaction project administration for SAP enhancements.

  • EXIT_SAPLCMPEXITS_006: User Exit to be Activated in Compensation Management