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HR-BEN-COB: Function Exits
Customer-specific COBRA letters

When qualifying COBRA events are processed, the system generates a letter to the qualifying beneficiary. This type of letter contains notification on the event for all those concerned who live at the same address, as well as a COBRA election and enrollment form for each person.

Customers who wish to structure the scope of the letter, or the scope and format of its individual parts differently to the standard are advised of enhancement PCOB0001 which is described here. Alternatively, this enhancement enables you to avoid printing letters altogether when processing COBRA events.

To integrate your customer-specific letter into the system, or to avoid printing:

  • Create an enhancement project and assign the enhancement PCOB0001 to it.
  • PCOB0001 contains three function exits from the function group XPCO:
    • EXIT_RPUCOB02_001 for formatting a print request;
    • EXIT_RPUCOB02_002 for structuring the scope and content;
    • EXIT_RPUCOB02_003 to terminate the print request.

If you want to completely avoid printing COBRA letters, simply enter one line of code in the function exit EXIT_RPUCOB02_003. Otherwise, implement your own code in all three exits, to tailor system behaviour to suit your requirements.

For details on implementation as well as example code, see the documentation on the individual exits.

  • Activate your enhancement project. A COBRA letter will either be generated according to your three function exits or the system will not print a letter out at all.

  • Function/Program:
    • EXIT_RPUCOB02_001: Function Exit In Form CLOSE_CURRENT_SPOOL_JOB
    • EXIT_RPUCOB02_002: Function Exit in Form GENERATE_EVENT_LETTER
    • EXIT_RPUCOB02_003: Function Exit In Form CLOSE_CURRENT_SPOOL_JOB