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User Exits Payroll Posting
During the conversion of payroll results for posting to Accounting, the symbolic account is determined using Customizing for the processed wage types. The symbolic account is the basis for account determination in Accounting. You can change this process by means of a Function exit.

To use the function exit, proceed as follows:

  • Create an enhancement project and assign the enhancement PCPO0001 to this project.
  • The components in PCPO0001 contain the function exits EXIT_RPCIPE00_001 and EXIT_RPCIPE00_002.
  • Modify this function exit to suit your requirements.
  • The function exit EXIT_RPCIPE00_003 enables the temporary generation of new wage types for evaluation and can be used if wage types are generated in the evaluation schema before the upgrade to R/3 Release 4.0 or a higher release.
  • Activate your enhancement project. if you use the exit EXIT_RPCIPE00_001, the symbolic account for a line item, derived from Customizing for the respective wage type, is revised according to the coding stored in your function exit. The exit EXIT_RPCIPE00_002 enables you to enter the assignment number and line item text in the AC document.
  • You can use the parameters PERNR and RESULT, which are included in all modules, if the parameters used in the interfaces to function modules are not sufficient. This enables you to read the complete payroll
    • EXIT_RPCIPE00_001: Modify Symbolic Account
    • EXIT_RPCIPE00_002: Fill Out Assignment Number and Document Item Text
    • EXIT_RPCIPE00_003: Fill Out New Temporary Wage Types in RT (for Old Payroll Results)