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BOMs: dialog control

By using this enhancement you can extend BOM maintenance (transaction CS01, CS02, CS03) with a company-specific program. Function call is via a function (company-specific menu entry).

  1. If you want to use a company-specific program for BOM maintenance, allocate the enhancement PCSD0001 to the project.
  2. Display the enhancement components.

The following overview displays the components for the company-specific program:

Components for the enhancement PCSD0001

Function module: EXIT_SAPLCSDI_001 BOMs: User-Exit
Function code: SAPLCSDI+001 <Customerexit 001>

  1. Process the individual components.
  • Code the function exit EXIT_SAPLCSDI_001 for the program call.

If you use function module CSUE_ITEMS_EXPORT, you can import the current items in the item overview.

  • Replace the general menu entry <Customerexit 001> by a company-specific description.
  1. Activate the enhancement on the initial screen of transaction CMOD.
    When you activate the enhancement, the BOM program is regenerated so that the call is active.

  2. Function/Program:
    • SAPLCSDI+001: Customer exit 001
    • EXIT_SAPLCSDI_001: PCSD0001: BOM - User exit