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BOMs: dialog control

Using this enhancement, you can add your own BOM item fields to those defined in the standard R/3 System according to your company's needs. You maintain these fields on a special screen in the BOM maintenance transactions.

The customer-specific fields for the BOM item are not evaluated in the adjoining areas (for example, requirements planning, manufacturing).

To implement the enhancement, you must maintain the components "menu entry", "user exits", and "screen section", which are logically connected.

In the standard SAP System, the prerequirements for the enhancement are already implemented.

Activities in the ABAP/4 Workbench

You do not need to modify database table STPO for master data and transaction data in BOM items. The table contains include structure CI_STPO, which is automatically filled with your company-specific fields.

You must do the following activities in the ABAP/4 Development Workbench.

  • Maintain the data elements for the company-specific fields as R/3 Repository objects. Please assign the field names only from the name range for company-specific fields.
  • Allocate these fields to include structure STPO (R/3 Repository object: structures; structure CI_STPO).
    • Assign the new company-specific fields to the include.
    • Activate the changed include structure.

When you upgrade your system, the company-specific fields are automatically added to the "new standard system".

  1. If you want to maintain company-specific item fields in your project, allocate enhancement PCSD0002 to the project.
  2. Display the components you need to maintain.

The table below shows the components for extending the item, automatically allocated by the system.

Components for extension PCSD0002

Function code: SAPLCSDI+002 <user-defined fields>
Function exits: EXIT_SAPLCSDI_002 user-defined fields to customer
EXIT_SAPLCSDI_003 User-defined fields to SAP program
Screen section: SAPLCSDI0138_CUSPOS01_SAPLXCSA1000

  1. Process the individual components.
  • Replace the general function code for 'User-defined fields' with a company-specific description.
  • Encode user exit EXIT_SAPLCSDI_002 for transferring data of the SAP application to the screen block.
  • Encode user exit EXIT_SAPLCSDI_003 for transferring data of the screen section to the SAP application.
  • Create the screen section.
  1. Activate the extension on the initial screen of transaction CMOD.
    When you activate the extension, the BOM program is regenerated to activate the call.

  2. Function/Program:
    • SAPLCSDI+002: Customer fields
    • EXIT_SAPLCSDI_002: PCSD0002: BOM Item - Customer Fields to Customer Program
    • EXIT_SAPLCSDI_003: PCSD0002: BOM item - Customer Field to SAP Program
    • SAPLCSDI0138_CUSPOS01_SAPLXCSA1000: BOM Item: Customer-Specific Data
    • SAPLCSDI0910_CUSPOS01_SAPLXCSA1000: BOM Item: Material Customer Fields
    • SAPLCSDI0911_CUSPOS01_SAPLXCSA1000: BOM Item: Document Customer Fields
    • SAPLCSDI0912_CUSPOS01_SAPLXCSA1000: BOM Item: Class Customer Fields
    • SAPLCSDI0913_CUSPOS01_SAPLXCSA1000: BOM Item: Intra Material Customer Fields