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User exits to capacity planning

With the enhancement PLAT0001 you can change or display the texts that are displayed for the graphical objects or in the status line in the capacity planning table.

A text is determined by the field with the index 0 in the graphical object type.

The enhancement contains the function exit EXIT_SAPLPLAT_001.


  1. Create an enhancement project with the transaction CM0D.
  2. Assign the enhancement PLAT0001 to the enhancement project.
  3. Process the function exit by creating the INCLUDE module contained in it. You can call up the INCLUDE module with a double-click. One or more fields can be taken from the structures transferred to the various ..._IMP and assigned to the parameters INFOTEXT_CHG.

  4. Function/Program:
    • EXIT_SAPLPLAT_001: User exit to change labeling/infotext for a bar