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Norwegian HR Function Module Exits
If you have added functionality to the SAP system for company deposit
or savings accounts and you want to include this information in the
loan notification letter to the employees, as well as in the file to
the Norwegian Tax Authorities, you may use a customer function module
exit for this purpose.

There are two function module exits available in program RPLLONV0. You
can either use one of them or both:

  • EXIT_RPLLONV0_001 is to be used when the deposit information is stored
    in the payroll cluster RT on PCL2. This function module is called for
    every entry in the RT table. It receives both the current RT record
    and the begin and end dates of the for-perid. The function module
    updates the internal table DEPOSIT_TABLE.
  • EXIT_RPLLONV0_002 is to be used for retrieving deposit account
    information that is not stored in the RT cluster table. The function
    module updates the internal table DEPOSIT_TABLE.

Please change the function modules as desired and activate your
modifications via transaction CMOD Administration of SAP modifications.

  • EXIT_RPLLONV0_001: Get deposit account values from RT
  • EXIT_RPLLONV0_002: Gets deposit account information externally - Loan notif.