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Enhancements: Connections PP-SFC to APO
You can use this enhancement to override checkboxes for manufacturing orders (production and process orders) during the transfer from an external system to SAP R/3.

For every data field sent from the external system a corresponding checkbox is also sent. This can:

  • Contain the value X: In this case the data is incorporated into SAP R/3
  • Be blank or 0: In this case the field is not incorporated and retains its previous value in R/3

For receiving data that is sent from SAP APO, SAP provides a default assignment of the checkboxes which ensures that every field sent from SAP APO will be incorporated into SAP R/3. For some fields, (for example, storage location, batch) the corresponding checkbox only has the value X if SAP APO provides a data field that is not blank or 0.

Using the function module for this enhancement you can override the default assignment for:

  • Order header data
  • Order items (outputs)
  • Order components (inputs)
  • Order operations

Bear in mind the following notes and restrictions:

  • The checkboxes are effective for all changes to orders that are sent from external systems to SAP R/3. These could have been carried out manually in the external system or be the result of an automatic return of data that was originally sent from SAP R/3 to SAP APO.
  • With the exception of order headers, the checkboxes are also effective for orders that were created in SAP APO and are now being transferred to SAP R/3 for the first time. This is also true for planned order conversion from SAP APO.
  • It is sometimes necessary to set the checkboxes to blank or 0 in several modules before an effect can be seen in SAP R/3: If, for example, you do not want to transfer deadlines at the order header level, these will nevertheless be indirectly changed if you accept the changed operation dates since the completed scheduling in R/3 re-determines the header date from the operation dates.
  • Not all fields that are contained in data structures and checkbox structures are actually filled by the sending system and not all are incorporated into SAP R/3. The structures are also used for other purposes, which is why not all fields are relevant for this usage.
  • When overriding the checkboxes, the key fields that identify the table entry may not be overwritten. To identify the key fields you need to consult the documentation of the individual components of the SAP enhancement. Overwriting these fields would lead to transfer errors with hanging queues.
  • If you set all fields apart from the key fields to blank or 0, this indicates that the whole data record is not to be transferred or changed.
  • Through the deliberate non-transfer of individual fields you can create inconsistencies in the receiving SAP R/3 system. SAP cannot accept any responsibility for the results of such actions.

  • Function/Program:
    • EXIT_SAPLCOXA_001: Override Checkbox Fields for Order Headers APO -> R/3
    • EXIT_SAPLCOXA_002: Override X-Flags for Inputs to Production Orders
    • EXIT_SAPLCOXA_003: Override X-Flags for Outputs to Production Orders
    • EXIT_SAPLCOXA_004: Override X-Flags for Operations of Production Orders