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Enhancements: Connections PP-SFC to APO
You use this enhancement to control how SAP APO adjusts the remaining duration for partially confirmed operations of production orders.

As standard, the adjustment of remaining duration in SAP R/3 is made proportional to the confirmed quantity. As of SAP R/3 4.70 (and in lower SAP R/3 releases once modification note 337534 has been implemented), you can set that the capacity reduction should be made proportional to the confirmed activity. You make this settings at the work center. The adjustment of remaining duration in SAP APO (as of SAP APO 4.0) is then made proportional to the activity confirmed in SAP R/3.

The function module exit EXIT_SAPLCOVA_006 contained in this enhancement enables you to override the settings made at the work center in SAP R/3 for the transfer to SAP APO. In particular, you can trigger the adjustment of remaining duration proportional to activities in SAP APO, even if you do not use SAP R/3 4.70 or have not implemented modification note 337534.

This enhancement is only effective for PP production orders, not for PPPI process orders.

For more information, see the documentation for function module exit EXIT_SAPLCOVA_006.

  • EXIT_SAPLCOVA_006: Activity-Related Adjustment of Remaining Duration for APO