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User Exit Reorg PP Order
The following enhancement is available for production orders and process orders:
  • PPCO0002 enhancement when setting the deletion flag or the deletion indicator.

You can use this enhancement to integrate additional checks that are to run if the deletion flag/indicator is set.

The enhancement PPCO0002 contains the following enhancement components:

Function exits:

  • EXIT_SAPLCORE_001 Set deletion flag
  • EXIT_SAPLCORE_002 Set deletion indicator

  • Function/Program:
    • EXIT_SAPLCORE_001: User Exit: Setting of Deletion Flag for Production Order Allowed?
    • EXIT_SAPLCORE_002: ルser Exit: Setting of Deletion Indicator for Production Order Allowed?
    • EXIT_SAPLCORE_003: User Exit: Technical Completion of Production Order Allowed?
    • EXIT_SAPLCORO_001: Check Exit for Function "Set Deletion Flag"
    • EXIT_SAPLCORO_002: Check Exit for Function "Set Deletion Indicator"