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Customer Exits in SAPLCOZF
To predefine entries for fields in the order header when creating production orders the following SAP enhancement is available:

  • PPCO0006 Enhancement for predefining fields in the order header

You can use this enhancement to process fields from the order header in your own program or predefine values for them and then to copy the changed data back to the standard system. The copying of the data to the system takes place before you reach the header screen of the production order. All the processed or predefined data can be changed on the header screen.

The enhancement PPCO0006 contains the following enhancement components

Function exits:

  • EXIT_SAPLCOZF_003 Exit for predefining fields in the order header

The fields of the order header (structure CAUFUD) are available in the

  • EXIT_SAPLCOZF_003: Exit for Predefining Fields in the Order Header