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CIM order: Set and confirm CUA status
You can use this SAP enhancement to display your own additional information on a separate tab page in the production order header. You can also make user fields avaialble for input, change them, and return the changes to the order header.

Notes on Processing the Customer Enhancement

The function modules as well as the coding examples are in function group XCO1. Before you activate the enhancement, you create the source text yourself or copy the example delivered by SAP.

If you do not just want to display the additional fields, but also want to maintain them, use transation SE11 to add fields to the CI_AUFK structure. Here you should pay attention to the name space that is reserved for customer fields. Activate the structure.

Note that the tables AUFK and AUFKO are part of the CAUFV view which can contain a maximum of 255 fields. SAP reserves the right to add new fields to the AUFK and AUFKO tables.

Create subscreen SAPLXCO1 0100 with your own fields.

Order data are transfered to the customer enhancement via the EXIT_SAPLCOKO1_001 function module. You can receive additional data that you want to present on subscreen SAPLXCO1 0100.

If you allow changes to the screen fields, you can send the changed data back to the order maintenance transction with function module EXIT_SAPLCOKO1_002.

You can enter a description for the new tab by maintaining a function text for the menu exit.

  • SAPLCOCU+COI: Customer screen
  • EXIT_SAPLCOKO1_001: Transfer of Order Data to Customer Enhancement
  • EXIT_SAPLCOKO1_002: Transfer of Data Changes from Customer Enhancement
  • SAPLCOKO10900_SSCR115_SAPLXCO10100: Subscreen as Jump for Enhancement PPCO0012