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Customer Exits for FUGR COKO1
You can use enhancement PPCO0014 to restrict the number of process orders that the system offers when you create external relationships.

The system behaves as follows:
An external relationship exists between recipe A1 of recipe group A and recipe B1 of recipe group B. If process orders that use recipe A1 have already been created, the system demands a user decision on whether external relationships between the new process order and existing process orders are to be created every time a process order is created with recipe B1. If more than one process order is available, the user will manually select the process order. The system behaves like this when you convert planned orders and when you create a process order with a material. The selection list offers all process orders that exist in the system except for the orders that are completed, technically completed, locked, deleted or flagged for deletion.

Note on Customer Enhancement Processing:
Orders that meet the above-mentioned requirements are made available in the ORDER_TABLE table. You can define further requirements that the entries in this table must meet. You can delete entries that do not meet these requirements directly in this table because this table controls how order selection is continued, that is, the system only offers those entries for selection that are still contained in this table.

Caution: Do not add new entries to this table. This would cause errors during further processing.

In addition, the I_CAUFVD import parameter is passed on to the function module. The data of the order to be created is stored in this parameter provided it is known at this point in time.

  • EXIT_SAPLNWDB_001: Select Process Orders for External Relationships