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Customer Exits for SAPLCOZR
You can use this SAP Enhancement to define a function exit that you can use to control the release of production and process orders that have insufficient batch assignment.

The exit itself is called in the function EXIT_SAPLCOZR_003.


In Customizing, you define how the system is to react if, for components that are handled in batches, the complete requirements quantity is not covered by batches when a production order or process order is released.

If the complete requirements quantity is not covered by batches, you can use this enhancement to define that, despite this, the component in question is defined as being completely covered. This is useful, for example, if

  • the quantity for which a batch has not yet been assigned is so small that the order can be released anyway

  • Function/Program:
    • EXIT_SAPLCOZR_003: Release Control for Automatic Batch Determination: Handling of Tolerances