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Customer Enhancement PTLRPIF
The function realised in the function group PTLP of the interface for the LRP server system can be enhanced as follows in this customer enhancement.

  1. The display of HR time data in LRP time description types occurs in the Standard using the info types und subtypes or in the personal work schedule using the daily work schedule. In order to refine this display, e.g. for taking into account the mandatory assignment, two customer exits are available: EXIT_SAPLPTLP_001 for displaying HR time data in LRP time description types and EXIT_SAPLPTLP_002 for displaying HR work schedule information in LRP time description types. These exits
    • EXIT_SAPLPTLM_001: Show HR time entries as LRP time description types
    • EXIT_SAPLPTLM_002: Show HR work schedule data as LRP time description types