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User Exists: REM Planning Table
User exit for the lead column (text column) in the REM planning table (Mf50, MF52, MF57)

Using this user exit, you can change the text column in the planning table.


The user exit is accessed for each row and the necessary information is given via the interface parameters.

You have to activate the user exit and implement the corresponding logic.

Input parameters for the function modules:

Structure containing the necessary information on the row. For example, which material number and production line the row contains or the type of the row (production row, coverage row and so on). The various types of rows are listed in example program LXPTRF01.

Indicates whether the row is a "distributed quantities" row. You can see this row in the planning table if you choose either "Orders/distributed" or "Distributed" under the menu path View --> Quantity display.

Use this flag to determine whether you want to sort by material or production line in the planning table (View --> Sort).

  1. Sort by production line
  2. Sort by material

This field contains the material of the last row. You can use it to differentiate whether the current row contains a new material or still the old one.

This field contains the production version of the last row. You can use it to differentiate whether the current row contains a new production version or still the old one.

Output parameters for the function module:

Contains the same structure as the import structure. Only the field, "text" is copied from this structure. This field is then displayed in the planning table as the text column.


In include LXPTRF01 is an example on how you can display the short text of the production version in the text column. Here, the form routine 'read_mkal_buffered' is called which reads the short text of the production version from the database table MKAL and then records it in an internal table. The internal table is filled for performance reasons. As the rows in the planning table are often set up afresh, it is much faster to read the data from the internal table than from the database.

To fill the user exit, you can copy the coding from include LXPTRF01 to the user exit include ZXPTRU01.

  • EXIT_SAPLPTRM_001: User Exit for Lead Column in REM Planning Table