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Inspection Type Determination

If no specific inspection type is determined during inspection type determination (for example, from the quality info record), variant 01 from the inspection type table is used as the master inspection type, or the preferred inspection type from the inspection setup for the material is used.

You can install enhancement QAAT0001 if you do not want to work with this rule.
The function modules contained in this enhancement are called up in the programs in which you can access the master inspection type if necessary.

The inspection lot is then created with the inspection type that was determined using the enhancement.

Note that the transfer structure E_TQ32 must always be filled in both components.

If the exception NO_INSPTYPE is triggered, no inspection lot can be created. For example, this means that no goods receipt can occur in the inspection stock.

If no inspection lot is created at goods receipt although the inspection type is active and the goods have been posted to unrestricted use stock, you can set the output parameter

  • EXIT_SAPLQAAT_002: Inspection Type Determination for Variant 01
  • EXIT_SAPLQMHU_001: Inspection type determination in HUM
  • EXIT_SAPLQPL1_005: Inspection Type Determination for Variant 01