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Customer Exit Insp. Point Processing

The user exit EXIT_SAPLQAPP_003 is called from the module QAPP_IP_IDI_CREATE.

The module QAPP_IP_IDI_CREATE is used within the QM IDI interface for creating and changing inspection points, partial lots, usage decision from partial lots etc.
The user exit is called after all the relevant data for an inspection point has been recorded in the work areas.

The following data is transferred to the user exit:

  • I_QALS Inspection lot
  • I_QAPO Operation of the order
  • I_QALT Partial lot(*)
  • I_QAVE Usage decision for the partial lot(*)
  • I_QAPP Inspection point data
  • I_KZNEU Indicator for a new inspection point

The structures marked with an '*' are only filled if you work with the corresponding functions.

  • EXIT_SAPLQAPP_003: Customer Exit 3 for Inspection Point Processing (IDI)